Posted by: targetedindividuals | August 28, 2008

The Buzzsaw


The Buzzsaw

This is a term used specifically to describe what happens to Journalists when they try to get the truth out. When Journalist try to expose stories that the system would rather keep under wraps, they too face systemic isolation designed to discredit them, make them look paranoid or crazy, and in many cases it’s the end of their careers.

The experience has been described by some as nothing short of an episode out of the X-files. Your phone starts to act funny, stranger’s start to call you, property is broken into, items stolen, often the sum of these events start to reduce these Journalists to a state of paranoia.

The very institutions and individuals they served turn against them. Refusing to air or publish their stories. Co-workers and colleagues will openly try to discredit the work that they are doing. Books either don’t get published or are short listed.

These former Journalists many with outstanding careers are often portrayed as disgruntled conspiracy theorists if they try to speak out about what is happening to them. Their characters are severely assassinated. They feel a deep sense of loss and betrayal.

The Buzzsaw cuts right through their careers, goals, ambitions, and they are cast out into social isolation, with their once good reputations in taters. Under such circumstances the targets of this harassment often do not have anyone that they can turn to, or means of getting the stories out to the public. It’s systemic censorship, and in the end we all pay the price.


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