Posted by: targetedindividuals | August 28, 2008

Electronic Harassment


Electronic Harassment

This form of harassment uses electronic weapons of various types to remotely torture, control, physically harm Targeted Individuals over time. There are a variety of things that can be used remotely to harm and control individuals. We will look at just a few of these weapons.

  • Ultrasonic/Acoustic weapons
  • Audio spotlight / Voice to Skull
  • Microwave Weapons
  • Active Denial Weapons
  • Lifeguard Heart Rate Monitor
    Ultrasonic and acoustic weapons

    This are weapons that can be used remotely to cause a variety of effects on Targeted Individuals.

    Audio Spotlight.

    The audio spotlight is literally a beam of sound. It’s a beam of sound that can be aimed at a specific individual. This means that you could have someone hearing voices and they would be the only ones in the room. It’s invisible and works really well. Also it’s now available for commercial use. With Voice to skull, the concept is almost the same, except the speculation is that it’s laser or microwave to transmit the sound and that is why it can go through walls. There have been patents out for this type of technology for years.

    Microwave weapons

    This is very simple and unfortunately can be done from home. It simply involves taking out the megatron out of an old microwave. Then you can have a portable device that can go through walls, and other areas that is capable of harming other individuals from far distances. You could literally cook a person in their homes over time. It would most likely not kill them right away. The full lethal affects would not become apparent until years later. In the meantime however it’s a very painful experience, and the harmful effects are often visible right away, such as a sensation of the skin being burnt, or extreme heat inside of the body.

    Active Denial Weapons

    These are weapons that can be used at remote distances to cause pain, or render a target immobile. The army have been working on these for years, and are now actively using some of these weapons in places such as Iraq. The weapon being used there causes the skin to feel like it’s instantly on fire. The target or targets of such a weapon would want to move out of the ray as quickly as possible to stop the pain.

    Lifeguard Heart Rate Monitor

    This is not so much a weapon as a device that can be used to track targets inside of their homes, and other locations. It monitors heart rate, respiratory signs, and can be fixed in on a specific target.

    Along with these weapons there are other tools that can be used to see through walls, lasers that can be pointed at windows which allow sound in a room to be transmitted back, along with audio listening devices that allow neighbours in the other room to listen in on your conversations.

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