Posted by: targetedindividuals | August 28, 2008




Bullying has become the main stream term to describe the physical and psychological attacks that many in our society are experiencing. It’s something that can happen to anyone at any age. From the playground up into the board rooms.

Where mobbing is usually perpetrated by a group of individuals bullying is usually perpetrated by a single individual who hones in on a target and then goes about doing everything in their power to humiliate, degrade, destroy the targets life.

Every year thousands of people take their own lives due to bullying, cyber-bullying, school bullying, workplace bullying, etc. The phenomenon is so widespread that it has it’s own name, bullycide. Suicide due to harassment from a bully.

Under other conditions the targets of bullying, will turn violent and that is when you will get school shootings, and workplace shootings. Most school shootings that have been carried out involved bullying of some sort.

Bullying targets might not fall into the category of Targeted Individuals in any obvious way, however when they try to go for help and assistance, this is when they might unwittingly become Targeted Individuals.

The person who is bullied in school, work, or parent who tries to get help for their child might find that their efforts are hampered in every way at every turn. They might find they are having trouble getting any support from school boards, unions, tribunals, lawyers, judges, etc. They find that they are encountering a series of obstruction, and difficulties along the way.

Tim Fields a primary figure in bullying research, on his website before he passed away began to look into obstruction. He also had noticed a pattern with the people he helped of what he called collusion. This was what he saw as a systemic effort to obstruct the targets of Bullying from getting help, winning cases, and an all out effort to leave them financially, emotionally drained and unable to get the justice they so often sought.

When a person notices these types of encounters in their lives, they might find that they are being directly or indirectly targeted in other ways, and that is when they might find themselves phased into the category of a Targeted Individual. Often times targets start out being targeted in these subtle little ways, and as they continue to progress and to seek justice for their circumstances, that is when the true system that they are up against presents itself.


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