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    About Us


    The goal of this website is to introduce on a local level the various types of harassment that are happening to the individual and then on a more widespread level try to put it into perspective for all targets that might be affected on a deeper and more profound level.

    The site was also created because all across the Internet there are cries of Targeted Individuals and there is not one single location where they can meet and discuss what is happening to them. This site hopes to change that and bring them together.

    The other goal of this site is to help others realise that average citizens are being selected and targeted.

    This site hopes that by visiting you will become more aware that what is happening is not a small phenomenon. What is happening is global and it’s happening to many people.

    There is also the hope that you will realise that the sexual harassment target, might become a future targeted individual. Many people start off being targeted in many mainstream and recognisable ways, such as:

    This site tries to put into perspective what is happening and has happened to many individuals who are being targeted, harassed, and systemically destroyed.

  • Bullying
  • Mobbing
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Religious Harassment
  • Educational Harassment
  • Workplace harassmentIt is when an individual tries to seek help, assistance, or even expose what is happening to them, that many of these people first realise that they are up against a system rather than just an isolated case of harassment.
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